In 'Nothingness is not nothing at all", Olafur Eliasson has slotted his works around the Long Museum's characteristic modern spaces. It is a showcase of his work over the last 25 years, essentially an exploration of the isolation and movement of element materials.

Through a 10cm head-height slit in a 10 metre wall you're looking through at a single plane, entirely lit in blue, onto which bubbles are falling like snowdrops.

Atop watching a highly skilled professional preparing some of the most divine mouthfuls in the world, came an almost too-wacky burst of video and costume min-peformances alongside the theme of the evening.

After many years of being a chocolate lover’s paradise, Whisk recently re-opened as CH2 in the same location on Huaihai Zhong Lu. We paid a visit and found that one of Shanghai’s dessert institutions has added a couple of new strings to its bow.

Pan Dan offers a comprehensive and modern take on one of the world’s most treasured cuisines, and is sure to reward those who play it safe.

Gracie's is a clean, almost clinical café that serves simple food and sweet treats, including a rather unique selection of soft scoop ice cream.

Dining curbside on Xintiandi’s main drag is always hectic. Oreno is a new kid on the block that takes the experience one step further by offering a reasonably priced menu of French-Italian cuisine at breakneck speed.