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A dream I have for when the time comes to depart China is to leave something behind, something I created. I want to feel that my adventure was productive, that I too wore the many hats that people do when they're away from their families, outside of their comfort zone, forming different rituals and going slightly too far expressing themselves.

Whatever it is (at F5 have a few ideas already, more later), I want it to be cool, standalone, rewarding. My greatest achievements in China will be the relationships I've created and the stories I've told, and will tell. But this... this will be the deal sweetener. It will go on existing without me.

All of these these boxes have been ticked by my friend Sam. He wins. He's gone and designed something of utter oaken beauty, a pristinely considered pull-up table of absolute slenderness. It will Cantilever across your couch like a laptop butler, handing you the mouse and a single malt with utter grace.

The best part, it's made in Northern England. I raise my flat-cap. Here is the essence of living in China, staying real and getting stuff done. Where else are you going to work a 12 hour day, 6 day week and then find the time to turn your hand to another ritual? Only in the place where you feel you've got something to prove.

Go ahead, buy it from Naughtone here.

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