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Dropping out of the cloud our Oasis Hong Kong flight was already touching down onto the runway. The journey; entirely pleasant compared to the easyjet experience I was expecting. Oasis have a small fleet of old Singapore Airlines 747s which then and now boast superior legroom and pitch. Seat-back screens and a half empty plane made that £220 return price ever so pleasurable.

I always look forwards to that humidity wall onto the jet-way, this is the arrival into a better climate. Off the plane, through immigration and within 20 minutes we were leaving the baggage carousel. Why can't we get things like this right in England?

Pushing jet lag aside for now we dipped into the tall, skinny Cosmo Hotel (cool, chic) and cruised straight for the nearest roadside cafe for Won Ton Min and Char Sui (Soup noodles and roast pork) excellent. An afternoon of strolling through bustling streets, spacious malls and skyscraper-side markets, then into a lively wan chai bar and total immersion is complete within 4 hours.

No time for rest, Lan Kwai Fong is the nightlife central of Hong Kong and luckily we were in good company queue skipping and into private clubs. Two of note were Zalor and Drop with a full compliment of worshipped DJ's, good music, exuberant settings and too-cool local clientèle. The early hours came and went.

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