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Gadget list in hand (Ipods, cameras, consoles) we're whisked on the effortless MTR (the tube should terminate here and see how it's supposed to be done!) over to Kowloon island and TST (Tsim Sha Tsui); electronics central.

Actually, electronics central for gullible tourists more like and after a couple of hours of mostly variable prices it's obvious that nobody is telling the truth. They're far more interested in introducing confused gabble, a better-than-that package and an extra few hundred dollars for chargers and instruction manuals.

Fortunately for us (and not so much for them) I came for a specific list of items and so we're all but ejected from most shops without entertainment. Its the naive visitors they're after - otherwise no chance of a scam.

My advice - forget the shiny shops, read this guide and head away from Nathan Road, up into Mong Kok where prices are fixed and on display. We got the full list from one place - Wing Shing on Sai Yeung Choi Street and saved around £400 on 4 items.

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