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Prince Edward is a more locals shopping zone. There's barely a sign in English, market stall owners screaming in Chinese (I assume slogans like "buy one get one free") and Chinese women fully inspecting every seam on a $50 (£3.50) jacket. As a result this is a far more authentic experience than the night market or TST can offer.

We found a store selling some hilarious Ghibli copies (must buy a car to go with my new Totoro seat belt cover). Amongst the typical shoes, belts, towels offerings were a couple of more fashionable shops with rows of plastic-wrapped bathing ape, X-Large, carhart shirts and some rather nice purchases.

Further down the MTR line comes the bustling streets of Mong Kok which have to be closed to traffic in the evenings as the streets flow with shoppers. Only sparse patches of sky can be made out between the myriad of neon signs jutting out from every building promoting everything imaginable. Its like an electric adranaline-fueled supermaket directory walking down the aisles looking up for which shelf the sago shop is on.

All about contrast, Central is a completely different story with acres of connected shopping centres sprawled between the finacial high-rises. Here the designer labels reign with almost-UK priced items for the cash rich only.

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