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There aren't many places I'd rather be in the evening for a couple hours than by the water on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong harbour. Across the water, 3 misty miles of bright, colourful sky-scrapers smothered in advertising logos seem to radiate the success of mankind's prime. Its a breathtaking view for a city-lover like me. Coupled with a jaunt across the harbour on the legendary star ferry (second class, downstairs of course) and into the lanes street market around Shanghai Tang's pedder building and the harmony between ultra-modern and traditional is impressive and humbling.

Too much to list... dim sum, Wan Chai, shopping, Times Square, Discovery Bay, steamed chicken, shopping, neon lights and amazing public transport. Hong Kong is an interesting, exciting and inspiring place to be and in many ways puts western cities like London to shame. I'm already looking forwards to the next visit.

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