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Around the corner from the Shanghai railway station and across the creek from a compound that could house the entire population of Doncaster, down some forgotten industrial street sits M50; a collection of independent art houses.

The location is perfect, centred around a disused electric sub-station a grid of peaceful alleys connect the 100 roughly similarly sized studios. Sure, you could spend a half day here if you're really into art - otherwise a wander down one lane and then into the larger "Art Scene" (with the big red staircase and huge statue outside) will tick the necessary been-there-done-that box.

If like me, art makes you hungry (funnily enough being bored has the same effect) then be warned; there's little to eat aside from the cofee shop which sells so-so rice-and-stuff plates, pasta and pizzas. All with a little art-tax thrown on top.

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