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I'm not going to say that a temple is a temple... but... we've been two one or two and I must say that since Kyoto, it's time for a break.

So let's not pretend we came for the largest golden whatever, or world's oldest artifact (in this case it's the only remaining pre-modern pagoda in Shanghai - thanks wikipedia). Instead the attraction was the best and cheapest and only monk-prepared vegetarian food in town.

However, after cycling half an hour and paying the 10RMB entry fee, they would have to be giving it away to beat kung pow noodles on tianping road. Clearly to some folk  they are; here has all the trappings of a soup kitchen: huge vats, sticky floors and plenty of beady eyes. Well what did we expect!

No surprises then, an okay bowl of 10RMB noodles (shame about the fake prawn), in authentic temple surrounds.

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