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The sun broke through the clouds at 7h30 on Saturday morning for the first time in a week. Perfect timing to cook us along the first 3km of the Nike Human 10k. Thanks!

With some local-style jostling were amongst the first 50 people to cross the start line and happy for some space. It was far hotter than I had expected. After galloping the first 5km in 22minutes I realized I should slow down when my fingers went wrinkly and I was leaving a snail-trail behind.

Around 7km I felt utterly exhausted; lucikly a tai-chi dance troop with yoga balls for pompoms was on hand to spur us along. With a few Jaiyao's ("keep going!") from the other runners I crossed the line 48 minutes later in the first couple hundred of 20,000 and immediately downed 5 bottles of water whilst being interviewed for Expo TV.

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