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This morning, full of the joys of going to class on a Saturday, I slipped in the bathroom and stubbed my toes on the wall.

After being told for the 54th time by colleagues that I should get it checked out I instead took Kevin's firm advice to go with him and get it checked out. Thankyou everybody.

Zhong Shan hospital is a couple blocks from our apartment. From the outside it resembles the future of medicine, from the inside a WWII emergency room. Film-extras made up with various complications lay on beds lining the entrance-way waiting to be wheeled into the next scene (or so we hope).

If alone, seeing them and the crowd around reception would have me pulling a quick 180. Kevin, on the other-hand ignored all of this (my hero) and within 15 seconds had me filling in "registration form 101". 15.2 RMBs later and I'm the proud owner of a "zshospital" loyalty card. All my treatments, notes and payment history can now be accessed from anywhere with a single swipe.

Another couple of crowds circumnavigated and a few swipes later I've been seen by a doctor, sent for x-rays, been told: "you've broken your little toe" and am in the plaster-room where Kevin is exchanging phone numbers with the doctor, a surgeon is admiring my gold trainers and another hanging out with an ice cream.

The damage: 150RMB for treatment (£12 xray/ £3 plaster: to be claimed from insurance), a cast around my toes and instruction to take it easy for 6 weeks.

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