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We were beginning to think our stuff would never come but at 9.30 last night my materialistic side (80%) was finally appeased. Now we can turn the place into our own.

Sven and Ocean are both safe and well.

It's good! that customs chose my electronics crate to poke around in.  Nothing broken but that's more luck than anything a lovely chunk has been bitten out of the amp by what I can only guess was a mechanical sniffer dog.

All our cardboard boxes of clothes got completely mashed and somewhere along the line quite wet. All contents were intact except a couple broken glasses.

In case you ever have to import personal effects  into china I can confirm that customs do charge for electronics (stereo, magimix, tv, computer, hard drives, phones... etc; around £20 each item). I had been told that only antiques, paintings and CDs/DVDs more than 20 (at 6RMB each to a maximum allowed quantity of 100) would be liable but we had hundreds of CDs which were not picked up on.

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