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There are carts of knock off DVDs all over Shanghai but the best place I've come across is a little store on the east side of Gao'an Lu just below Yongjia Lu.

They've got pretty much everything from obscure movies to series boxsets... including all the BBC documentaries. Of course, I only get the movies we own already but don't want to take the originals out of their boxes in case they get scratched! We also have them by the toilet in-case there's a knock at the door.

This place also got some bluerays - although they are a little bit pricey at 10RMB (£1) instead of the standard 6RMB. I'm particularly fond of my looping HD aquarium.

The outline on the back reads:

This cod mockney melodrama from the director of Bridget Jones Diary fails at every level. It's clearly a film involving working class characters made by middle class people with both characters and plot lacking any authenticity and credibility whatsoever. In fact, the basic premise of Bridget Jones is transposed to this disastrous attempt at making a serious Drama. Instead of writing a diary she writes letters to Osama Bin Laden.

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