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I’m not sure when we actually agreed to this but on Sunday, November 29th, Alex and I will wake up, have a bowl of porridge and go for a 4-5 hour, 42km run around Shanghai.

In our last race, the Hangzhou half marathon, my broken toe almost fell off, Alex’s mission control unit (iPod) almost ran out of batteries and for the final 5 km the voice in our heads was chanting “wait here, why go on? take a break!”

This time we’re only running twice as far(!), so I’ll be using more toe-tape, the iPod will be fully charged and we will combat the stopnow-devil with the thought of making a difference for something very close to our hearts.

Dystonia is a neurological movement disorder which may affect anyone at any age causing repetitive muscle contractions. It touches many thousands of people, our family included, and as a syndrome, often cannot be attributed to a single cause. To this day there exists no successful treatment.

We will be running on behalf of Dystonia Ireland who are working to support, educate and raise awareness for the condition. We will be propelled along by every penny we can pound in their name.

Please click “Donate" to make a difference to their efforts and keep us going.

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