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How to get two cats into one transport basket:

Open both ends of the basket and simultaneously put them in

Put them both in at the same time through one end

Put them in one at a time

Put one in and leave it there for 10 minutes to calm down, then put the other one in

Wrap them both in the same towel and bundle everything in together

Put one in first & close the door, then open the zip two inches and try and feed the second one through the gap

Put on in and hold it there, put the second one in and hold it there. Then close the door around your arms and try and get your hands out without a cat squeezing through too

Prop the door open like a fox trap and leave a snack in the back

Get some friends, two people to a cat and one for the zip. Close your eyes, stuff everything inside the basket and quickly pull the zip. Then check around for any escaped cats. Success?

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