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We took a midnight roll around Shanghai's Old Town to see the city as it winds down (or winds up in some cases). It takes on a completely new atmosphere during the night, still full of activity but with the volume and lights turned down. It's strangely comforting to feel completely safe walking down any dark alley - and probably into someone's kitchen.

Whilst the obligatory pyjama-clad wanderer and the odd garbage forager were entirely anticipated, we weren't quite prepared for one thing...

Around one corner the pavement was strewn with people, couples, families sleeping on mats and deckchairs. Perhaps the dilapidated apartments are just to hot to bear.

We tiptoed around and made for home filled with a dose of humility. Of course, no trip to the old streets would be complete without a welcome from the kitty committee - today's was barely a few weeks old, sat atop a pile of cat biscuits waiting for attention.

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