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We took a roll to explore Shanghai's four corners. From hazy voids to 17th Century mansions to fried dust - the diversity, surreality and beauty of this city never fails to impress. Here's what we found:

For some reason, along the side of the canal near to M50 at Moganshan Lu is a small walled-off park that was never finished and never opened. A year ago the wall was covered in pretty amateur graffiti - now it's much better.

Red Town has a funky exhibition on at the moment with a huge void full of fog. As you walk through the space with barely arms-length visibility, the haze changes colour like you're inside a huge Mathmos lamp. I bumped into someone throwing an aggressive gangsta pose.

We've probably walked this road twice since moving to Shanghai - and this is why. It's got to be one of the world's busiest high streets with nothing on it.

Apart from stinky tofu this has to be the worst street food I've ever eaten. Up in the Jewish Quarter they basically get a ladle of shredded cabbage, fill it with batter and deep fry it in engine oil. Rank.

We got spotted by a general. He was not interested in saying hello.

Sure, Shanghai has some pretty freaky buildings, but it's the apartment blocks in the middle of nowhere that are the best. This is over on the dark side of Jinqiao - complete with columns, creeping vines and trees on balconies. There was a cherub-filled fountain at the entranceway too.

... and back, to the view we've grown to take for granted. By 2020 it will be as crammed as NYC and HKSAR put together. 55 minutes ago it was all fields.

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