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As part of getting ready for the mighty Asics SP3's, I've started a transition to running flats by picking up a pair of Nike Mayflies.

In line with their namesake, they're designed and marketed as a disposable pair of ultra lightweights, lasting for only 100k or a couple races. Whichever comes first.

I've put in around 2000k into a pair of Nike Zoom Victory and although there's an impressive Alpine callus into the ball of my foot - they've been really amazing. They feel firm, supporting and flat, though after a few too many laps of the washing machine they're ready for a pastures green... and I'm ready to go pure.

The Nike Mayfly. Light. Super light. Think flip-flops. Officially 4.8oz they are barely in your hand. They're barely on your feet either - feeling like a pair of school plimsolls, or ballet shoes (I imagine!!). Yes they're comfortable and yes they feel unstructured - but that's the point.

On the track this translates to a new experience. They don't feel more responsive, you do. The sensation of lightness is compounded by one of agility. Whilst I don't feel these would be of any use sprinting (the grip on the bottom is barely a one inch strip down the middle of each sole) they're remarkably comfortable ticking along nicely.

The good news, ticking along nicely has just gone up by 10 seconds a kilometre. After a brisk 10k my feet feel surprisingly hotter than with the Victory, ventilation seem not so effective.

A day later and my shins are sore as hell. Must be progress - keep the body guessing! I'll be keeping mine guessing for the next 100k. I've read they're good for much longer but we'll see.

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