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When the repetitious beauty of shelf-after-shelf of household items in Ikea has begun to feel like wandering through any old warehouse, the "Hotel Equipment Corporation" has just the fix.

Up near the creek on Aomen Lu (West of Changhua) are four floors of enough kitchenware to cook one million shepherd's pies... with gravy!!!

There's an aisle dedicated to Korean beef bulgogi, one to the world's largest woks and a extensive range of doner kebab rotisseries. Funny to see, just like in Carrefour, there's a team of incredibly pushy sales guys hovering around the appliances. I was being sold a £400 blender based on it having a flashing green light on the front and suckers for feet.

It was honestly inspirational and we left the place starving in a way only Pavlov's dogs would understand. We splashed out on a couple squeezy ketchup bottles and a particularly svelte set of kitchen scales. I wasn't allowed to buy the sushi boat or the bellhop trolley. Totally unreasonable - the trolleys are a steal at £600.

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