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Wait a minute. The boards from a construction site came down the other day and behind wasn't a concrete housing turd. Somebody must have really screwed up. Maybe they found an ancient burial site or people living in the sewers but for whatever reason, down at the bleak end of Beijing Lu there's a shiny new sculpture park.

And yeah, it's okay. I mean let's face it, 'okay' for a park means dodgem children: Check. Wedding photos: Check. Security guards blowing whistles: Check. Old dudes running in slow motion: Check. People taking bad photos of every square inch of the place: Bingo. Of course, I got my iPhone out...

But apart from most of that, well all of that, there are some pretty funky installations and a pleasant promenade or two. Will definitely head back here with a hankie on my head and a newspaper when it's too hot for the locals to leave their homes.

Arne Quinze's Red Beacon takes center stage in the main field.

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