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So way back before this was ever a marginal reality - I signed up for an utterly ridiculous endurance event. I knew that the chances of us winning a entry ticket were too slim to matter. It was also so far in the future that a million things could comfortably get in the way before it ever got on the radar.

Well. We did win an entry ticket. The distant future became the next few weeks. A huge blip on the radar pulsed ever closer like the beat of a Viking drum. Why does this feel familiar?

Next week, Alex, Stef, Peter (All from Neri & Hu) and I will go to Hong Kong, find the start of the Army's most grueling MacLehose Trail and with a few thousand people walk non-stop along the entirety of it.

It will probably take us around 30hours. Through the day, through the night and up to the following evening. All in the name of charity - and my inability to say no.

We've bought the kit. Kind of. In true Drok style we'll be doing it in our normal gym kit with a couple kagools and an ipod.

We've done the training. Sort of. We hiked the 7 hour hangzhou trail, got up at 4am and walked from Shanghai to Sheshan and last weekend scaled the fire escapes of 6 Shanghai Skyscrapers across town.

We've got the support. Fully. A couple special friends will be at choice spots along the way with blister tape, big macs and pugil sticks for us to beat each other with.

What we don't have is the Charity donations. We need a minimum of a few hundred pounds to pass their requirement and a few hundred more to make us feel like we made a difference. I am in no shadow of a doubt that it's going to be the hardest sporting thing I've ever done.

So, on the night before we leave - next tuesday, 15th November, come to Annion in the Jiashan Market, wish us luck and instead of buying me a parting drink, buy yourself a raffle ticket.

We've been super-lucky to have some amazing sponsors giving awesome prizes including a Factory Five bike, Hyatt on the Bund brunch tickets, Dyrberg/kern jewelry and Tom Dixon lights.

If you're not in Shanghai on tuesday, give me 100RMB or £10 (or more) via paypal and I'll put your name on a ticket.

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