Chasing the Moment is a revamped recent addition to the Arcola Theatre and Time Out 4 star play. It takes two distinct halves - the before and after of an East London jazz gig performed during the intermission by 4 members of an un-named (I think) band.

We've a middle-aged nihilist pianist, modish opinionated young saxophonist, drunkard Yorkshire Double-bassist (think Compo from last of the summer wine) and level headed easy going young drummer. Oh, he's also black - not that it matters these days, we're over that.

Or maybe we're not... as shortly into the second half we plummet into a shouting match between him and the pianist about the authenticity of jazz and it's black vs white origins. It's executed with emotional discomfort but that's soon drowned out with a physically uncomfortable screaming exchange.

Throw in a useless ex-girlfriend, unseen venue-owner on critical life-support in St Thomas', his drunk in-denial wife and after it runs out of breath, steam and predictability the only tension left is how long it will take for them all to leave us alone.

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