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That's a church. The ceremony took place in the town hall around the corner. Otherwise, these are all real actors (Noelia & Ivan) and everything that follows is factual.

Weddings in Oviedo take hours. Actually the wedding ceremony proper is over in a few sentences. Then everybody is whisked away blindfolded to the middle of nowhere to eat and drink as much as is humanly possible - and then some. Then dance. Repeat. Add a chocolate fountain. Repeat.

The party lasts 12 hours until 6am when the coach is scheduled to return to the non-wedding real world. For the weak there's also a coach at 4am which nobody is allowed to take. Those without the ability to stay awake given lashings of alcohol and disco can go for a stint on the bouncy castle.

Over the course of the evening lashings of lobster, shrimp, beef fillet, cod, cheese, pata negro jamon and champagne kept falling from the ceiling. Yes it was good but even my foodie senses couldn't process anything beyond some of the best jamon I've ever had. Perhaps the rest was good too.

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