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We covered 80k today in a ride eastwards out of Shanghai to the sea.

From Century Park there's a canal that heads east in a straight light, along the nort side runs a path which is almost continuous for the 40k stretch. Whenever you get to a dead end - head left (northwards) to a a parallel road. It's pretty self-evident if you use your noggin. Map here.

Leaving the city behind and entering the countryside is a good feeling, even if the 'countryside' is basically the French Concession with a few chickens running around. Whilst it certainly moves a few notches towards rural, the city still manages to keep up the pace with some enormous housing projects underway.

We must have passed 300 shops that sell windows frames, 4 million plastic buckets, the Sydney Opera House, Florence Piazza della Signoria and one camoflage radar ball.

At the coast swells the murky brown depths of the East China Sea at the mouth of the Yangtze. A half dozen brave souls have come to swim - or be bashed against the wave breakers, it's hard to tell. Every 15 seconds a plane cruises overhead on it's descent into Pudong International. No arcades, no fish & chips, I'd been duped. Still, nice to breath in the fresh sea air and have a paddle.

Just to the south of where we were looked to be some great roads for riding - tree lined and smooth surfaced. We were short of time and already blanching in the midday sun, so set for home. That can be next time.. or the time after next if our plan for tomorrow comes through.

Round it all off with a quick tour of expat-haven JinQiao to wash off any scent of culture and you're golden (or extremely red if you forgot sun-lotion).

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