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Today I rode out the Shanghai International Circuit for F1's friday practice sessions. It's no more than 30km away from downtown Shanghai so with the usual tailwind along the Cao'an Highway you could easily get there in 60-90 mins... basically the time it would take to get there on the Metro.

Here's the route on strava, or google maps.

It's a long, straight shot to Jiading. Ride up to Wuning and follow it left as it branches under the motorway and turns into the Cao'an Highway. This is one of Shanghai's big artery roads which starts full of traffic and gets quieter the further you go. It's flanked by a generous bike lane, smooth and mostly congestion-free.

Before the big Anting bridge, turn right onto Jiasong North Road and a few kilometres up on the right hand side will be a sign for the circuit.

There's plenty of parking around the Metro station and today there were loads of people milling around. I'd perhaps have felt safer leaving the F5-Seeker with one of the nearby hotels.

Practice was a good chance to pick out a good seat for the race. We walked the entire circuit and aside from the usual grandstand, it would be a hard pick between a corner on the last straight or the first corner. There are grass sections flanking both so if you're hoping to drop-on something on the day, aim for one of those.

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