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If you're in the mood for a fresh, clean environment in which to eat a horrendously expensive salad-sandwich then look no further than Element Fresh.

Sure, £4.50 for a a slice of avocado, two of tomato and some lettuce between a couple slices of bread only sounds mildly extortionate in London but this is Shanghai - where you can get 8 of the best xiaolongbao in the world for 90p.

Ok, I'll admit it; the aesthetic is appealing, service noteworthy and the place is clearly popular - teeming on this Friday lunchtime with young dynamic couples and their children with tidy haircuts and sticky fingers covered in carrot juice and lentils.

Ok, the food is good too.  Big salads, fresh quesadillas and a steak sandwich to cure any homesickness.  I could be back in Europe eating organically grown produce - not a word often used in China.

But come on! I just spent 120RMB on a sandwich and coke. I could get Royal mail to send over a Pret baguette for cheaper. How funny when the shoe is on the other foot!

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