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We went for a final blowout brunch buffet today at the Renaissance on Zhongshan Park. For 310RMB (with service) you get the five star hotel's food works and free flow prosecco.

It may be best to go earlier (they open 11:30-14:30) and at 13:30 I could see the chef giving an evil look as I took the last piece of seabass sashimi and cocked a 'more please' glance his way.  I also embarked upon tongs-fencing with a Japanese lady over the last hairy crab - I'm not going to say who won but I hope it was too salty.

Really, nothing on it's own couldn't be beaten elsewhere. A few dishes were visibly tired and the octopus had been hewn from pencil erasers but for variety, volume, the view and a five-star service whilst you crunch into snow crabs legs this does the job.

Whilst it may sound good value, unless you're the cookie monster I'm pretty sure they'll come out ahead. We came close but not quite. Good to get it out of the system and let the 40k/day cycling commence tomorrow.

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