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Little did I know when growing up, exactly how much of a foodie I would become. Puzzling, that Doncaster homes the best food market in the country with a specialism in seafood.

Sure the Doncaster locals love a posh-man's crabstick - (cray'fshi' tails) generously doused in malt vinegar - but alongside there's a wealth of the nations finest brain food. Despite being right next to the sea, Shanghai suffers from either a trouble finding unpolluted waters or fending off an obsession with bone riddled carp.

Well, truth be told I know the reason why this wasn't apparent at the time. I was fortunate enough to have something capable of rendering obsolete the need to find good food elsewhere.

Over 10 days of pure goodness we gorged through the finest produce cooked the finest way, by a Yorkshire Mum.

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