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Salute | Fuxing / Yonfgu Lu

Salute’s idyllic courtyard and bustling deli counter are of a pull of their own. With a plate of mixed cold cuts (RMB98) and a bottle of house white (RMB160 and up), gravity takes on a new form. Supreme cuts of Parma ham, Napoli salami and other high end imports are drizzled with olive oil atop slices of slightly toasted ciabatta. The result is mouthfuls of pure meaty goodness. No wonder there are people spilling out street-side most evenings while the almost frantic owner keeps the food and wine flowing.

el Efante | Donghu Lu

At the bar of el Willy seductive pan-Mediterranean Donghu Lu restaurant, Spanish and Italian slivers of very premium cured meats go head to head. Piquant chorizo line up against garlicky salami Milano. Spicy Salchichon battles tangy Ventricina. Delicious ‘5J’ Iberian jamon vies for top spot against mouthwatering San Danielle prosciutto. Everything comes individually priced by the gram (RMB80-400 for a plate) or together as a Mediterranean “festival board” (RMB355). We’re looking forward to the rematches and another glass of Spanish Riojia (RMB70).

Burdigala Wine Bar | Wuding Lu

Burdigala is a relatively new addition to the Wuding stretch, offering many varieties of wine from the oenophilic French region. Matched well with a quaintly prepared half-liter of their “from the tap” table wine (RMB98) is a charcuterie board for two (RMB148). Simple and large, it features ample selections of cured and cooked meats including a subtle salami, delectable piles of prosciutto and a fine pastrami. Served with pickles and a bottomless supply of baguette, it’s a strong reason to order another bottle. These are from my cityweekend article

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