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Tentekomai | Japanese

The croquette is a global institution as both a fast food and a delicacy. Only Japanese culinary prowess has embraced it as both, and some would argue that the korokke is the king of them all. For the real deal, head to Tentekomai’s Wuyi Lu branch. After a long day in the office, it’s the perfect business wind-down with an array of small dishes. Their croquettes are simple and always tempting, cylindrically formed béchamel and potato rolled in breadcrumbs and fried. Just remember that you have to order them individually here (RMB15 each) unlike at most other places.

Belga | Belgian

It’s the four different types of cheese (Edam, French Emmental, Parmesan and mozzarella) in Belga’s croquettes (“kaaskroket” in Belgian, RMB55) that makes them extra creamy and frankly delicious. Larger than life, they sit like two plumped crispy pillows virtually defying gravity. If gooey is your preference when it comes to croquettes, pull up a seat out front and order a plate with something from their extensive beer selection.

Casa 700 | Spanish

Nobody does bar food like the Spanish and croquetas simply don’t get enough credit in the tapas family. They’re the perfect size to hold, have a firm texture yet are light enough to accompany beer or wine and can be dipped in just about any kind of dressing. We like them best when they’re stuffed with deluxe jamon Iberico though, and that’s exactly why Casa 700’s take (RMB98) puts a smile on our face every time.

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