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Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen

This small noodle shop serves some of the most authentic bowls of tonkotsu ramen (RMB34) in Shanghai. Pork bones are simmered for extended periods to ensure every joule of flavor and gelatin goes into the powerful broth. Matched with a mound of firm wheat noodles, the result is a substantial bowl of ramen. Hakata is also generous on the meat with thick, succulent and fatty slices of pork loin. It's not a delicate bowl of soup noodles but a strong demonstration of how Fukuoka chefs gained notoriety as ramen masters.


Ramen-maniacs in Shanghai raised a furore when this international chain of Japanese noodle shop set up stall in Lujiazui. In the past few months, they’ve opened four more locations in Shanghai’s newest and shiniest shopping malls to satisfy a growing number of fans on the Puxi side. Despite the fact that the interior of their shops feels a little too manufactured, their signature Shiromaru Motoaji tonk0tsu ramen (RMB52) is clean and tasty. We only wish it were less expensive and more substantial in volume.

Kota's Kitchen

Even after some scuffling between owners, this Beatles-themed Japanese restaurant is still going strong. The constant is their delicious yakitori skewers; they have enough permutations to keep us returning with vigor. Among its selection of sides, a bowl of tonkotsu ramen (RMB45) shines out. Its buttery pork-bone broth, firm noodles and a fair sprinkling of succulent roast pork, seaweed and pickles swirl around to create a sumptuous bowl of Japanese noodles to go with our shochu.

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