Mothers in 4x4s, extortionate housing, diplomatic vehicles, car showrooms, mews, parks, swimming pools. The West. It's been a while since we've travelled across the other side of town to the prevailing wind and good to see nothing has changed. Harringay gardens could be one of a million leafy streets sprawled around the museums lined with white anonymous stucco buildings.
Inside The Bentley Kempinski to a small polished lobby, could be a lawyer's office, embassy or family home. Not being used to service, was a shock to have 3 people virtually fighting over a greeting. The £250+/night hotel oozes decadence, no surface untouched by marble, definitely the feel of a 5 star. Downstairs to the restaurant and the theme continues, a quiet affair with 15 or so tables spread out through the spacious and elegant room. Through a curtain to the lounge, a pianist lightly tinkles. Only two other tables are occupied at our 8.30PM Saturday arrival and I'm feeling under dressed with the absence of a tie. Service was spot on. We were extremely well attended, without the lingering intrusion of similar environments. 10 minutes in and after the breads have been introduced the Manager floats over for welcomes. A London first. We chose the £80 8 course, award winning grazing menu. This compromised 6 miniature but perfectly formed dishes, a selection of cheese and desert. Each course was timed perfectly, glazed shrimp, superb, generous fois gras, wrapped tuna (a little too tiny), fried turbot and roast lamb. Every plate was fantastically presented and delicious despite a definite Gulliver's sensation. Out wheeled the cheese board and after introductions to the various choices we had a tailored plate of flavor, some so good we asked for the label.
After desert (with an emphasis on strawberry and pistachio) we reached the end of a three hour menu. Extremely satisfied and ready for more this was a great experience and the 50% offer made the evening even more tasty. The Bentley Kempinski
Harrington Gardens
SW7 4JX London
United Kingdom
+44 (0)20 7244 5555

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