Whilst the tourism world wanders around the Tate Modern reading slide sold-out signs we visited the ground floor Cafe 2. A table by the windows gave a great view of folk too engrossed in art to watch where they're going. The result: a babel tower of foreign apologies. At least they weren't pressed against the glass and so dining didn't feel all that stuck in the tourist trap. Options are few, the desert list as long as mains with casual-snack related plates of prawns on toast, egg mayonnaise on flatbread and the echelon-vegan staple; chickpea, aubergine and hummus salad. Tourist stitch-up applies so expect a couple extra bucks per plate than normal. Drinks are worse, fresh smoothies (haven't they got to be?) at £3 a tumbler was just too much. I had a chicken liver parfait which although at the wrong temperature (defrosting) was tasty enough (I'm sure could be bought for 1/5 the price at any Sainsbury's deli counter). However the beer battered haddock was shockingly tasty and honestly, something to go back for. Next time, avoid the voluntary Tate donation and give it to them via half an hour in Cafe 2. http://flickr.com/photos/triplefivedrew/315586469/

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