This infamous chain of westernized sushi restaurants couldn't be further from my chosen dining experience. However when 10 emails a day arrived in my inbox about a half price offer I, like the rest of Soho, got suckered in and paid them a visit. It's nothing short of everything I expected. A garishly decorated restaurant with authentic chefs rushing to prepare food and feed a hungry restaurant-wide conveyor belt network. Wait staff is typically eastern european but that's okay - once you get pointed towards a seat they're basically redundant until time for the bill. The bar has a selection water taps, recessed tubs of ginger and wasabi and of course, you grab dishes from the conveyor as they circulate. The offer represents the launch of Yo Sushi's new menu, which is infinitely better than my last visit 4 years ago. A grey plate (most expensive - £5) of assorted sashimi was really quite good and the selection of rolls and dishes is not to be sniffed at including soft shell crab, fresh tempura and seared tuna. In all though - I wouldn't go again - apart from an offer like this, but well done for trying.

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