The Centro de Cultura Casa Lamm is a modernised 1911 Roman mansion. Today it houses a contemporary library, art gallery, exhibition space and restaurant. A mouthful but all balanced within the grounds of this short-lived family home (History books show it to have been a French school for most of the original years). The restaurant is why we went (honestly - the exhibitions didn't look so great) and is a beautiful extension to the original building. The huge dining area feels to float out over the grassy courtyard and delicate lighting and candles enhance an intimate feel despite the impossibly high ceiling and sheet-glass walls. Here would be a great place to woo a prospective partner. Menu is half the size of the drinks list: specials are margaritas (surprise!). It's good to see some local dishes on the list although was it necessary to put a box around them for the gringos? I opted for a Tamarind margarita, duck tortillas, and Cuban fish. All tasty enough but not as perfect as the surrounds. I remembered this place from my last visit 2 years ago and it was just as impressive this time.
Good for a lunch visit on a sunny day. Casa Lamm
Alvaro Obregon 99
Colonia Roma
06700 México, DF
Tel: +52 (55) 5514-8501

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