Chinnabar, not to be confused with the China Grill (my mistake) is another place I remember from my previous visit to Mexico DF. On the corner of a busy road I remember watching car's headlights streaking by through floor to ceiling opaque red walls. However, following a recent renovation, the windows are now clear glass and so the impressive ambiance is marginalized by a fishbowl effect. Its a trendy place, however, with resident DJ and filled up as the evening progressed with two large bars serving (as expected) a plethora of margaritas/cocktails. Food is asian/mexican fusion which sounds exciting on the menu but lacked when push came shove. We were convinced by a fun waitress to go for soy and ginger steak and the result was a chewy cut of beef with all the flavor drowned out by a salty soy based sauce. If the walls are back to red its a great place for a good cocktail, otherwise there are better places around the corner.

67 Nuevo Leon Condesa
Mexico City,
Telephone: + 55 5286 8456

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