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Little Huia’s casual, well-designed interior makes it an appealing spot to relax with a coffee (RMB25), but we weren’t impressed by its Kiwi approach to food. Sharing a house Huia Pizza (RMB60), it’s no closer to New Zealand than the frozen food section at City Shop, as the spicy pepperoni topping is lost on a bland and overwhelmingly thick base.

The deep-fried oysters and chips (RMB100) come out slightly too doughy and without the clean taste that imported oysters deserve, and the blue cod fillet on fondant kumara potato (RMB160) was dominated by the dish’s sweet potatoes. Luckily, the meal was partially saved by Huia’s pavlova (RMB30), an indulgent dessert featuring kiwi fruit, banana and cream Chantilly encased in meringue.

  • Little Huia
  • Homepage
  • 021 5375 0600

  • 403 Dagu Road, Near Shimen Lu [map]

  • New Zealand
  • ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
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