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La Petite Jasmine is a latest addition to the Petite franchise, and like the four restaurants which preceded it, here is the most excruciatingly cute experience one can have eating food outside of Japan.

It’s like stepping off the street into a secret fantasy world. Unlike the nook-and-cranny appeal of the others in the chain, Jasmine has reconstructed quaint turn-of-the-century French dining rooms in all their antique glory and built a Mediterranean a menu to match.

Slices of focaccia “tapas” layered with the likes of Parma ham, anchovies and shrimp (RMB48 per plate) set the tone with domestic ingredients prepared reasonably well, but prices here are steeper than at the other venues.

The star anise duck (RMB 165), one of our favorites from Le Petit Fleur, feels lacking at this price. More on-point was a plate of sea bass ravioli served in a shrimp sauce (RMB 125). It’s a faithful and tasty rendition. Same goes for the tender but heavily dressed beef jasmine salad (RMB 68).

Go in the right mood and La Petite Jasmine will act as a portal to another land where a glass of French wine and a slice of cake are on every afternoon’s agenda.

  • La Petite Jasmine
  • 021 6403-8550

  • 214 Wukang Lu near Hunan Lu [map]
  • 上海市武康路214号近湖南路

  • French
  • ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
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