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With a great location and comfortable layout, It’s no surprise that every table at OLA's terrace was full on a balmy evening. Inside, the restaurant is sports oriented. There are huge screens on every wall, foosball on offer, and plenty of high tables.

This slightly odd mix of styles extends to the menu. A diverse selection of options ranges from classic Portuguese dishes to burgers and Tex-Mex. We had a hard time constructing a meal, and opted to graze mainly through the Portuguese dishes on offer.

An escalibada (RMB45) is a Catalan dish comprising of roasted eggplant, peppers and anchovies served together in a ratatouille-like blend. It has powerful flavor, thanks to the full-bodied vegetables and salty fish. This petite bowl has just enough punch without being overpowering.

The beef carpaccio (RMB75) was more palate friendly, with light swathes of melt-in-your-mouth beef served on a bed of greens. Unfortunately, OLA’s caldeirada (RMB98) failed to deliver in flavor or content. This classic Portuguese fish stew was slightly too rubbery and watery.

One of OLA’s Portuguese dishes did shine. The serradura (RMB28) with crushed Madeira biscuits and layers of whipped cream was delicious.

Perhaps OLA’s strong point is in their desserts and drinks, which are best enjoyed while relaxing on its beautiful terrace.

  • Ola
  • 021 5276-2772

  • 1105 Wuding Lu (near Yanping Lu) [map]
  • 武定路1105号(近延平路)

  • Portuguese
  • ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
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