With more than a thousand outlets in Korea, the U.S. and Southeast Asia, Kyochon serves some of the finest chicken wings on the planet. Through a blend of proprietary cooking methods and strong food standards, they offer the market-defining standard in Korean fried chicken.

Building a restaurant around the notion of Chinese and Western cuisine is a bold statement. West Meets East struggles in living up to the self-prescribed hype of being the best of both worlds.

This Creole newcomer has gone all-out to establish an otherwise under-represented cuisine in Shanghai. Originating from the U.S.'s southern Gulf Coast, Creole cuisine has French, African and Caribbean influences, and a splash of Spanish thrown in for good measure.

Opened by Shanghai Supperclub’s Camden Hauge, Egg is a clean and welcoming café that offers a handful of breakfast and lunch options with Asian and Western influences. What ties them all together is the café’s namesake ingredient. For RMB10 extra, each item may be enhanced with an egg, prepared in a way befitting to the dish.

As it is an outlet focusing entirely on one of the world’s most endearing portable foods, we had high hopes for Little Mermaid Hotdogs. Setting up stall on the increasingly busy “quiet” end of Yongkang Lu, the space is dressed as a modern diner. Denmark has been a long-time aficionado of bread wrapped pølse (sausage) and Little Mermaid pays homage to this Scandinavian style of hot dog,

A healthy offering on the fringe of Shanghai’s most infamous strip of gastronomic debauchery, Pho Zen Bistro Bar is a low-key jewel at a decent price.

With a great location and comfortable layout, It’s no surprise that every table at OLA's terrace was full on a balmy evening. Inside, the restaurant is sports oriented. There are huge screens on every wall, foosball on offer, and plenty of high tables.